Welcome to my new site! Some of you may be seeing my work for the first time and so are not acquainted with my old site - in those cases, welcome! In the cases of you returning, welcome back! 

I will try to update the blog as I shoot. I will dump a collection from every shoot I do in the appropriate category you can see there on the right, however when I do a shoot I shall try and post images specifically from that event right here! As well as chat about my experience during the shoot, whether that be a concert, gig, festival or even just my travels. 

I might start by posting about my recent travels in my next blog post, but who knows - all I know is that this new site allows me so much more freedom to do what I want - so stay tuned for more and if you like my work, please follow me on Instagram @Athalos_Photography as it would mean the world to me!


Yorkshire Hills