So travel is always something I've loved but not gotten to do often. My first time ever abroad was when I was 10 - and we went on a pretty average all inclusive holiday in the Loire Valley, France. By my standards today the holiday wasn't all that. However at the time I was amazed at the marvel that is foreign culture and new places - I got to go on a boat that crossed the sea into another country and that boggled ten year old me's mind. 

Since then my family and I have been abroad almost once a year every year since. In 2014 we road tripped around the entire coast of italy in a camper van, seeing everything from Piza to Roma to venizia and all the way to the southern tip of Ugento. But it wasn't until the very beginning of this year that I started to do it properly. Last year I kind of gained my full independence, starting with occasional trips alone to London by train to see friends - and being affirmed by my weekend at Reading Festival. The other key factor is I started dating an international gap year student, and that kind of forced me to get travelling - and man I'm glad I did. My girlfriend is an American who was living and studying in Germany. 
So after we got together in London on New Years Eve this year, I vowed to come visit her next time as a kind of trade off - and sure enough around 3/4 weeks later I was off. for some unknown reason I decided to take a 2 hour train into London at night, stay overnight in a terrible hotel, then take the Eurostar out at 6am the following morning that would arrive in Brussels for me to change to a German ICE train to Cologne. 
Modern me thinks this is madness and I should have just flown - but this was my first time ever going abroad without the comforting support of my parents, both physically and financially. My god did I love it. I don't speak a single word of German, but as my girlfriend is fluent she helped me pick it up. A long weekend spent in the wonderful city of Cologne with a small evening spent drinking in Dusseldorf - I fell in love with the vast wideness of this world. I realised that not only was this wonderful world so exciting - it was so easy to get to. 

We took it in turns to visit each other, she came to London for a concert with me and then back to my home in Dorset. But next up was me flying out to Berlin. I had never been on a plane before and my god it was so cool. I felt like a 6 year old all over again. Seasoned flyers would look at an easy-jet flight with dread or distaste, but to me I was like a child lost in a to shop. I couldn't help but stare agape at the clouds floating below me for the entire 2 hour flight. 

Landing in Berlin was possibly the most foreign any environment had ever felt to me. And not speaking any German certainly didn't help. I can get by with Italian and French, but German is difficult for me - and I had to make it to the opposite side of the city alone. But I loved it, Berlin was such a wonderful atmosphere and soon enough I was united with my girlfriend and her rowdy American friends and we explored and went clubbing and ate great food. It was an amazing experience I'll never forget. From there I decided I'd meet my family who were going on their regular holiday in France, and flew from Berlin to Bordeaux. I then spent 48 hours alone in the city with my camera, wandering around until 4am just taking in the breathtaking sights. Eating good food, and drinking good wine (when in more and all that). I took connecting trains speeding across the French countryside and found myself in the less idyllic town of Bergerac where my family picked me up and we went onwards to our destination.

Now I'm sat here writing this as I book my plane tickets to Finland in 2 weeks and America in 4. I've caught the travelling bug and I'm going to see Helsinki, Joensuu, Orlando, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and whatever else I can squeeze into these next two months. 

This by no means implies I'm rich - far from it. I make £6 an hour at a local chip shop who aren't too happy about the amount of time I'm taking off for this, but I'm funding myself around the world by packing chips. 

This is why I want to do photography full time, I want to be able to take my job on the road with me and never have to worry about coming home to settle into a job I dislike so I can earn enough money to live for the weekend.
But that's what I have to do for now - until this whole photography thing takes off.



Welcome to my new site! Some of you may be seeing my work for the first time and so are not acquainted with my old site - in those cases, welcome! In the cases of you returning, welcome back! 

I will try to update the blog as I shoot. I will dump a collection from every shoot I do in the appropriate category you can see there on the right, however when I do a shoot I shall try and post images specifically from that event right here! As well as chat about my experience during the shoot, whether that be a concert, gig, festival or even just my travels. 

I might start by posting about my recent travels in my next blog post, but who knows - all I know is that this new site allows me so much more freedom to do what I want - so stay tuned for more and if you like my work, please follow me on Instagram @Athalos_Photography as it would mean the world to me!


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